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Eye Animation Experimentation

This was an assignment for an Intermedia Studio class, part of the Bachelors of Fine Arts (Honours) in Digital Arts course. 


We were assigned to create a project about whatever we wanted, so long as it is an experimentative multimedia project. This Eye animation and experimentation is part of 'A Collection of Interactive Pages' which were collected in the form of a book. The aim is to experiment in different ways how to make pages interactive, and some techniques used were Augmented Reality and Video, Binary and Morse Codes, Moire Animation and Anaglyph effect (Red Reveal) hidden message/image to name a few.

Clip Studio Paint was used for the hand-drawn Animation and was later transformed as a Moire Animation. 


Moire (Slit) Animation 

Eye Gif 2.gif

Moire/ Slit Animation is an optical illusion type of animation that uses images printed on acetate and paper, which made it possible to bring animation to an analogue page without the use of digital technology such as Augmented Reality.

The optical illusion is created by parallel lines that cross each other in the field of view.



bars for animation.jpg

Initial Eye Moire test Animation

Eye animatiom.jpg


Blinking only 3.gif
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